Website Updates 17-06-14

Hi everyone! It’s been quite a while since I carried out updates to the site so today I have been pretty busy making a few changes to try and get everything up to date.

So what’s changed?!!

  • Clan Stats updated
    You may, or may not, know that clash of clans runs on a continuous 2 week cycle or ‘season’ as it’s known in the game. Each Season starts on a Sunday and lasts for 2 weeks. At the end of a season I take screenshots of the clan leaderboard and overall clan position. You can find all of these under ‘clan stats’ on the menu bar at the top of the site. Today I have added stats for the last completed season (ending on the 8th June).
  • War Stats now added!
    Since we have stats for the general clan activity I thought it would be a good idea to have stats for the wars too. You can find the last two war stats under ‘clan stats’ above.
  • Clan Rules Updated
    For some time we have tried to have rules to keep everybody donating fairly. One of the rules stated that you had to have given a certain number of donations before you could request certain troops. That rule has now been REMOVED. You can now request whatever you like and it’s up to the clan members to decide if they can help out. As always we will be monitoring the number of donations each member is making. Low donations may result in a warning and eventually a kick.
  • War Rules ADDED
    I have added a couple of new rules regarding clan wars. We want to encourage everybody to take part so the clan has the best chance of winning. Read the new rules on the Rules page.
  • Added new bases to the ‘Worst bases ever’ hall of shame
    Check out the new entries to the poorest bases I have come across
  • New section for Best Bases has been added
    Take a look at the new post that contains screenshots of some of the best bases that I have come across

That’s it for now! As always if you have suggestions for the site, please let me know. CG.

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