Pingfao TH8 Tesla Theme Park

Recently I was looking for a new design for my th8 base.  There are loads on the internet but one that kept getting mentioned was Pingfaos Tesla Theme Park.

He has produced a trophy base, hybrid base and a farming base all of which can be found here: pingfao’s tesla theme park

It’s well worth reading though the forum thread to see his reasons for positioning certain items where they are and why the base is designed in a certain way.

For ease of reference the designs are below also.

 [Farming] Version 2.0 (Tested in 1000 – 1600)

[Hybrid] Version 2.1 (Tested in 1400 – 1800)

 [Trophy Hunting] Version 2.2.0 (Tested in 1400 – 2400)

[Trophy Hunting] Version 2.2.1 (Tested in 2400’s)


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