General Rules

Clan Behaviour

No racist, sexist or homophobic comments are allowed.  We don’t care what race colour or creed you are. To us you are a valuable team member. We value people who respect each other, are dedicated, honest, generous and loyal.

If we have members joining us that start mouthing off at other members then don’t rise to it, chances are this member will leave or will be kicked.

General Rules

  • Do not ask other clan members for personal information. We have had instances where new members have been asking clan members for their phone numbers, address, and other personal information. We respect privacy and these requests won’t be tolerated. If a clan member wants to give that info themselves then that is up to them.
  • Be active in chat. Communicate in English so everyone can understand. Non-active members may be kicked.
  • No bad language or fighting among clan members.
  • Only Donate the troops that have been requested. If you don’t have what is requested, offer what you have but don’t donate them unless the person requesting has agreed.
  • No troop level requests – see below
  • Always donate to outstanding requests before you request.
  • Do not drop Trophies during Trophy Push. If we are doing a clan trophy push, do not drop trophies on purpose until the push has ended. Non-participants may get kicked.
  • Don’t expect to get a dragon or PEKKA when you join. These are given once we know your not a clan hopper! See below for further rules re donations.
  • And finally DO NOT ask to be Elder. Elder is earned over time & will be based on loyalty, donations, active play & active chat.

If you’re not going to be on for a while

Please let Leader/Elders know when and/or if you will be inactive for extended periods of time. (vacations, illness, family business anything important). Also let us know if your going to farm. We understand the need to farm to increase your resources to help your base but dropping down trophies dramatically also affect the Clans position, hence why we ask that you let us know that you are planning on doing this.

Specific Clan Rules

Update 20/01/2014 We’re going to trial a new system for donations and troop requests.  To try and keep it fair for everybody the following is to be implemented:

  1. There are to be no ‘level’ requests. This means that you can request a certain type of troop but not the level of that troop. This allows lower members to help out too. We can’t criticise people for low donations when they aren’t being given the opportunity to donate.  So, no more “level4 archer” requests please. Ask for Archers. Everyone in the clan is to be given the same opportunity to donate.
  2. Specific Troop requests will now depend upon the number of donations you have made as follows:
    • 0 – 50 donations – you get barbs, archers, goblins or minions
    • 50-100 donations – you can now get giants, wall breakers, balloons, wizards and hogs
    • 100 + donations – healers, valkyrie, dragons, pekkas, golem, witch
    • Note re Dark Troops – you can ask for them but no guarantee that you will get them, especially golems and witches due to their high cost.
    • Note: if someone offers better troops than you would be entitled to then that’s fine, you are ok to accept them.

    The table below might explain it better:


    0 – 50

    50 – 100

    100 +

    250px-Troop-BarbarianBarbarians 288px-Giant_new_renderGiants 300px-Pekka_lvl4Pekka
    200px-Troop-ArcherArchers 200px-Troop-WallBreakerWall-Breakers 350px-Dragon_4_troop_moorgr0veDragon
    Troop-GoblinGoblins 200px-Troop-BalloonBalloons 200px-Troop-HealerHealer
     MINION (1)
    300px-Wizard_6_troop_moorgr0veWizards  ValkyrieTroop-Valkyrie
     Hogs300px-Hogrider_lvl5 300px-Golem_lvl1Golem

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