Draft War Rules

There has been a lot of discussion recently about wars so we are going to have a set of War Rules which will hopefully clarify how our clan will run each war.
These are draft rules so comments appreciated.

There will be two wars per week;

  • Weekend war for everyone to take part in
  • Midweek war for an elite 10 players


  • Everyone who wants to take part can enter the weekend wars.
  • Opt in or Out before lunchtime on Fridy so that Leaders can start the war Friday evening. It’s YOUR responsibility to be in or out, no excuses if you forget.
  • Leaders will be keeping stats on the weekend wars to assess who are the current top 10 players to take part in the Elite Midweek War.
  • Bottom 10 players to attack first.
  • Second attacks are to be held until leaders confirm second attack strategy.


  • The current top ten players according to the war stats will be eligible to take part in the mid week war.
  • The war will start on a Tuesday night so make sure you are opted in or out by Tuesday lunchtime.
  • If a qualifying person opts Out, then the next eligible player will be entered into the war (eg if player 10 opts out, then player 11 is entered into the war assuming he/she has opted into wars)


  • These rules apply to both weekend and midweek wars.
  • Your first attack is to be against your opposite number in the war. DO NOT attack lower without a leader confirming its ok to do so.
  • Attack to win. Sounds silly but don’t just ‘use up’ your attack. Leaders are watching all attacks and will identify those wasting attacks.
  • Use a strong army. BARCH for example, is not an acceptable war army.
  • The aim is to get 2 stars or more
  • Ask for tips and advice from other clan members. We all want to win and will be happy to help.

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