Clan Stats 17-03-14 to 30-03-14

Sorry its taken a while to get the last seasons stats uploaded but here they are.

Well done to Byrde and Tedge for over 1,000 donations. Generally donations were ok, but we still had loads of incorrect troop donations. PLEASE can you only donate what somebody has asked for. DO NOT donate something different just so you have donated.

There are quite a few inactive players in the clan now and this is something that I am going to be keeping a close eye on. If somebody isn’t playing the game then they aren’t really helping the clan. I would suggest that if you know any clan members that haven’t played in a while that you get them back on and playing. It’s possible that we might kick people who aren’t playing.

Overall Clan position has dropped to 95,844. Not too worried about this. We are all farming so trophies are going up and down all the time. It is partly affected by a few that left and also by inactive players, hence my comments above.

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