Clan Stats 16-02-14

Well, the clan stats look great at the end of this season.  We’ve seen the highest ever donations total and our highest ever clan position on the global leaderboard.

As you all know, we started a trophy push a few days ago and there is no doubt that it has helped our overall Clan position.  We are now 21,952 on the leaderboard which is a fantastic achievement.  Only a few seasons ago we were 200,000 so well done everybody for a fantastic team effort.

Donations have been great this season.  Particular thanks have to go to the following: aph (our highest ever donation total so far at 2173), arturjozwik, Justin and tedgewedge all of whom donated over 1,000 troops.  Close behind was byrde at 948.

Name Donations
aph 2173
Arturjozwik 1898
Crystalgate 1639
Justin 1441
Tedgewedge 1254
Byrde147 948
Connor Heath 807
danger zone 790
Matty Fenton 724

The clan leaderboard and trophy positions are as follows:


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