Clan Stats 09-06-14 to 22-06-14

Hello everyone. The end of another interesting 2 week season and we see our highest ever clan donation total from arturjozwik. Fantastic effort there art, well done! Good to see everybody helping out where they can.

It’s also the first season where the donation rules were changed to allow any troops to be donated. This seems to be working well and it’s something we will leave in place for now.

Just outside the top 10 donations leaderboard this time was Lewis Manslow with 334. Thought I’d make a special mention because Lewis has been making a great effort to level up and improve donations. Nice work Lewis.

REMEMBER: Donating troops earns you XP which is what you need to level up! The more you donate, the more XP you earn, the faster you level up.

NameTroops Donated
Bob Boy616
Binman Tramp512

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