Clan Stats 03-03-14 to 16-03-14

So, the end of another season and we see clan numbers have grown to 47 again which is nice to see.

We’ve relaxed the joining rules for a few people to allow them to join. Minimum level is 40 for new members but we’ve always been a clan that values friendship and as such, we’ve allowed friends of existing members to join even where they are below level 40. I can’t guarantee that this will continue because we do want the clan to improve overall. However, we all like to play the game with our friends so I’m happy to see how things run for now.

If you are currently below level 40, please make an effort to level up as quick as you can.

Your Level is shown in your Profile and also on the Clan leaderboard:

We ended the season with 14032 points which put us into 80,417 position on the global leaderboard. Since we are all farming, this isn’t really an issue at the moment. The key thing is for everybody to really make an effort to improve their base so that they are stronger for the next trophy push.

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