M.A.D.E in UK

Welcome to the MADE in UK Clan Website.

This clan was created October 2013 and since that time we have managed to steadily increase our active members who all enjoy the game and contribute in chat, donate and give advice and tips on the game.  

The key message is we all have fun, after all it’s just a game!

  • How to Join
    You must be Level 100 or higher. Our clan name is “m.a.d.e.in uk
  • Read our Rules
    Please read our clan rules. They are designed to keep the game fun but fair for everybody, no matter what level their base is at.
  • Links
    Check out the Links page for other websites and youtube channels that will help your game.
  • Clan Stats
    We try and keep a record of the clan stats, both for each season and for each war we do.

Latest Posts

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If you have any queries about our clan that aren’t answered in this site, please contact us via the Contact page or Email us: mail@madeinukclan.co.uk